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Access Equipment and Maintenence services

To provide safe and professional access platform services and maintenance for all your working at heights jobs; for the home-owner and trades. With many years of experience operating access equipment of a variety of types and heights,

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s), or Cherry Pickers as they are more widely known, are specialist machines used in a wide range of applications. They provide access for works conducted at heights, and with ever changing health & safety legislation in the work environment, it is more important than ever before to carry out these tasks with the correct equipment. MEWP’s are safer than a ladder and less intrusive and less costly than scaffolding.

Vertically Challenged is a MEWP access company with a CTE170 Traccess,17-metre narrow-tracked spider platform. It has a 7 meter out-reach and a 200kg basket capacity with 4 pressurised support legs which have a footprint of 3-meters. Driven on rubber tank style tracks and at only 80-cm wide, 2-meters high and 4.25-meters long the CTE 170 can access some of the more challenging areas, including narrow doors & gateways, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial use. It can be towed on a trailer for easy transporting and delivery.

We have a number of years of experience operating various types of MEWP’s at different working heights. We are fully licensed and insured and members of IPAF the International Powered Access Federation.

MEWP’s are becoming one of the best time and cost effective ways of reaching jobs at height . 

                                                                                 Gutter to Fascia.

                                                           Roof Repairs to Window cleaning.

                                                         Solar panel cleaning to Tree surgery.

                                                                          Survey's to pest control.

   Site survey always conducted to ensure our machine is the right machine for your job!

Our Aim

Cherry Pickers (MEWP's)

Building Maintenance at height

             If you can not reach you're vertically Challenged 

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Vertically Challenged LTD

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